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Patient Lift Sling

A single-patient-use sling versatile enough to aid every lifting situation Solo HighBack sling, is a single-patient-use, general purpose sling. The Solo HighBack sling can be […]

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Heel Protectors prevent Heel pressure ulcers

SAGE® Prevalon Heel Protector II Heel pressure ulcers can be painful and increase the risk of infection. Heel Protector II can help prevent heel ulcers […]

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Bed Rest Foot Boot Orthosis / Foot Drop Prevent. Correct contractures

2 Boots Prevents bedsores on ankles by keeping them raised off bed surface – Size lrg/Xl – Fits adults. No Odors or staining. Has rubber […]

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“Joey” wheelchair lift in Toyota Sienna

If you are in the market for a wheelchair lift and it will mean finding a vehicle to accommodate it, here is your solution! Save […]

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